Smedry Talents are the supernatural powers weilded by the Smedry clan. The first Talent was held by Alcatraz the First, and most likely as a result of Incarna tests.

Types of TalentsEdit

Incarna WheelEdit

Many people taught in Freelander Schools know that talents are divided using symbol known as the Incarna Wheel. They assume it is divided into four main sections: space, time, knowledge, and physical. However, these are only sub sections of two other talent groups: possiblity and identity which are still subsections of the main and most powerful talent yet known :breaking.


Space related talents tend to affect where an indivdual and/ or others travel or end up. For example, Kazan has the ability of getting lost. This helps him "get lost" when in danger, find a certain area, locate a missing person, and just get lost anywhere.


Time talents affect the time of an individual and/or others (such as being late, early, ect.). As the people who actually read the novels know, Leavenworth Smedry has the talent of being late to things and can arrive late to ANYTHING including death, injuries, appointments, pain, ect.


Knowlege talents tend to affect a person and /or others ability to do something only with remarkable or absoloutly no skill at all. Sing Sing Smerdy can trip with extrodinaryly unmatched skill anytime he wats to (with exeptions of sensing danger) and Quientin can babble incomprehensible nonsense nonstop when he decides to (or if the talent wants to) and can do this nonstop (even if he wants to stop it).


Physical talents are talents that can affect the physical world and it's inhabitants. Australia Smerdy can wake up "looking extremely ugly" as she put it or in a much cooler term, shape shift when she awakes. However, she can only change her appearance but apparently can become virtually anything (ex. a popsicle, Alcatraz's Grandfather, an undead curator, ect.). Ther also once was a smerdy who could change their appearance any time they wished and another who could change not only their appearance but others as well.


These talents may affect the outcome of a situation.


Identity talents may change a person or a thing entirely (not just in appearance).


The talent of breaking was the first talent and rarely is possessed by anyone. The true limits of this power are unknown but is not limited to breaking "breakable things" but virtually ANYTHING (including time and space, gravity, the talents themselves, chickens, language, wind, your lunch, dance, spacial dimensions, someone’s face, Crystin swords, sound barrier (without going Mach anything), solid cement (at second grade age), tension). However, the first Smedry, Alcatraz the First, along with the remaining Incarna, claim that this is the dark talent, which will one day destroy the world as we know it.

List of Known Smery TalentsEdit

  • Alcatraz Smedry the First -Breaking
  • Alcatraz the Thirteenth -Making Rude, inaproperate noises at inapropreate times
  • Alcatraz Smedry- Breaking
  • Leavenworth Smedry-Being Late
  • Australia Smedry-Waking up extremely Ugly
  • Kazan Smedry-Getting Lost
  • Sing Sing Smedry-Tripping
  • Quentin Smedry-Babbling utter nonsense (predicting the future)
  • Bastille Smedry- Breaking (Refer to trivia and Book five)
  • Unknown-Getting impossible amounts of water while washing dishes
  • Unknown-Looking ugly
  • Unkown-Looking ugly and making others looking ugly


  • A talent isn't entirely genetic, as Alcatraz's mother, Shasta Fletcher also had a talent of losing things like his dad Attica Smedry. A person who marries a Smedry close to the pure line gets the talent of their spouse.
  • It is unknown if there is a talent of fixing things in contrast to breaking things. Probably not, as the talents seem to act like a form of Murphy‘s law.
  • The power of the talents supposedly came from the Incarna, as the Incarna apparently made extremely powerful glass that was too strong for brightsand. They then stuffed it into the Smedry family, which then starts overpowering all lenses, making them go haywire, then forcing the Incarna to give them the talents as a force to feed on the energy.
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