Librarians control all information, Technology, and almost all truths. They rule an area called The Hushlands where Free Information is strictly controlled to make an 'safe' no mystery society.
The Population of 'Stupid' Hushlanders is about 3.4 billion and they control (most likely) all of Europe, North America, and most of Asia. Africa and Northern Aisa are most likely part of The Free Kingdoms.


The first libarians were the libarians of Alexandra whom all wanted to collect all knowledge so they created an enormous libary which is currently underground. Then, sometime aafter Alcatraz the 13th died, a man named Biblion the Scrivener decieded that the world was too strange a place and the information needed to be contained to make it "better". Therefore, he gathered a loyal group of followers who to this day, still try to create the Scrivener's world where everything was "normal" and free of some knowledge.


The General Policy of Librarians is to restrict the information flow of all of their controlled areas. To do, this they employ tactics such as fabricating history, keeping the Free Kingdoms a secret, and brain-washing residents of any kingdom they conquer.


"an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot." - (

In this case... ...Librarians - Every Single One

Known ConspiraciesEdit

  • "Lost" Library of Alexandria - They tell you it is completely GONE
  • Guns are Better than Swords
  • "There is no continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!"
  • The world is VERY GOOD
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