The land or territory controlled by the Librarians who are having a World War against The Free Kingdoms.


The Hushlands were created because a man called the Scivener decided the world was too weird and the knowledge was too vast so he created a group known as the librarians to help conquer the world, contain information, limit the uses of magic, and spread their own information. The information part is somewhat difficult as the librarians must not only make people ignore the Freelands and cover beaches with dullsand, they must carefully examine books that are published and kill any Occulators. Because they have ruled the Hushlands for so long, they have become sloppy at keeping out intruders and spies. Currently, there are seven librarian controlled areas. The Mokian Islands are the most recent part and Mokia itself is on the verge of falling to the librarians rule.


  • North America
  • South America
  • Euorpe
  • Asia
  • Austraila
  • Africa
  • Antartica
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